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A Simple Guide To Replacing Your Motorcycle Key

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Maintenance | 0 comments

When you lose you motorcycle key you will probably feel sad and helpless this is especially so when the bike is your only means of getting home. I once lost mine at 2 am in the morning, and I was more than 15 miles away from home. What I went through that day and the few days that followed before getting a replacement is what motivated me to come up with this guide.

When you lose your bike keys, the first idea that you get will be to contact your dealership or the manufacturer for a replacement. This is a good idea, but it will normally take more time as it is a lengthy process. The alternative is to do it yourself, and this article will explain to you how to go about it.
Steps to take when you lose your key
1. Make sure that the key are lost
More often than not we are quick to jump to a conclusion that we have lost our bike key, but more often than not it is usually a case of misplacement. Check all the places that you usually keep the keys before you conclude that they are lost. Also, search for them in different areas inside and outside the house and the places you visited in the last few hours. If you cannot find them after a few hours or let’s say a day then you can rightfully declare them lost. Note that it is not uncommon for you to find the key a month after replacement, but you probably can’t wait for that long.
2. Determine the type of key that your motorcycle uses
There are different types of motorcycle keys, but they mostly depend on the model and manufacturer of the bike. If you know your bike well then you should not have trouble with identification of the key type. In case you have some trouble you can always do an online search for the bike model, and you will get all this information.
3. Find a good locksmith
There are many locksmiths out there, but only a few of them specialize in motorcycle keys. Chances are there is one in your locality with the expertise to make a new key for you, and so all you will need to do is locate them. Make use of the yellow pages and the internet to find one. You can also visit a couple in your neighborhood to find out if they can make a replacement key for you.
4. Test the new key
Once you have located a reputable locksmith and had, a replacement key made the last step is usually to test the key. If the key starts the bike right away, then things are back to normal, and you can now enjoy the bike as before. However, in case the bike does not start then you might now need to contact the dealership or manufacturer.
Important warnings and tips
· Some modern motorcycles use microchip keys and so even if the replacement key is the replica of the original key it will not work. Due to this you will still need to have the new key reprogrammed.
· You will need to bring with you proof of ownership as most locksmith will not make you a new key without this.
· Only go for a trustworthy locksmith to avoid losing your motorcycle to theft as some are known to make more than one key that they can use to steal your motorcycle.
If you live in the Nevada area a great locksmith to contact would be Lee’s Locksmith of Las Vegas, I’ve used their services multiple times without any problems.
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The Joyous Experience Of Off-Road Motorcycle Adventures

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015 in Adventures | 0 comments



As an adventure enthusiast and cyclist, I have come to the decision that there is nothing as joyous and fun as going for off road cycling with your bike. The serene environment, the strange weather, challenges, hype and final accomplishments all sum up to the best experience you can ever get. I have known some people who see motorcycle riding as enough exhilaration and fun. However, the joys of off-road motorcycle adventures are incomparable, and I have made a list of three experiences regarding why I think they are the best to embark.

The preparation is a benefit
Do you know how to effectively and successfully prepare for off road motorcycle trips? It can be quite overwhelming especially if you take the fun of the adventure off the vision. The bike has to be at top functionality, and every part must depict the compactness and durability to survive the entire adventure to and fro. You may need to buy a couple of new replacement parts, pimp up your motorcycle, pack some medication and first aid kits, food, extra bike components for unforeseen breakdown, safety and security issues and many other things. However, after all this, you have a stunning motorcycle, an inspired attitude and new parts that you will use long after the adventure, so it is a benefit to prepare for such trips.
Getting through the challenges
There is nothing as blissful and confidence reinforcing as accomplishing goals and having to go through milestones to finally accomplish them. Forget camping and other embarking, motorcycle adventures present the biggest challenges and all enthusiasts who have tried it knows what I am talking about. There is the weather to worry about, the tires getting stuck, getting rained on or dust getting into your head gear, straying from the path, waiting for the bike to cool off hoping nothing attacks you. I mean, off-road motorcycle adventures are full of challenges and your stunning bike can quickly turn into a burdening weight to move around some distance to repair (by yourself). Nonetheless, the fact that these adventures involve several friends pushes everyone to get through the challenges, reach the destination and get back home which is richly satisfying and inspiring.
What about the interesting scenery?
Once again forget about the on-road trips and adventures that cross man-made architecture. Off road, cycling introduces you to natural, picturesque scenery, and nothing is as gifted as the nature itself. You can catch the best shots with your advanced camera and take pictures of high peaks that only a few people have been able to capture. What about wild game, peculiar landscapes and more of what untouched nature has to offer? It is simply magnificent, and anyone will be quite enthusiastic about crossing rugged terrains on a bumping motorcycle.
Surely, the points above do not even satisfactorily describe the joys of off-road motorcycle adventures. From the moment you kick the engine on, you will be faced with nothing other than exhilaration, hyped the atmosphere, increased adrenaline, weird expectations and a goal to accomplish. Another interesting part is that you have peers to ride with, and you can come up with competitions, support each other through the adventure and collectively reach the destinations without fear or disappointment. It is fun in any way you want to view it.
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Your Time. Your Ride.

Posted by on Jun 9, 2015 in Community | 0 comments

Welcome to the shoppers4choppers live blog, your destination to motorcycle chopper news and information. Check out our blog post for popular reads on all your chopper needs!



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